South India West Coast Cycling Tour

Goa to Kerala Coastal Cycling Holiday

The 10-day bike tour starts from the beaches of Goa to the Colonial Fort Kochi city in Kerala. This unique ride will take you longitudinally through the entire Karnataka, till the heart of Kerala along Western Seaboard. You will be traversing through the less explored Konkan Coast to the Malabar coast with its innumerable serene beaches and rustic villages. Apart from visiting the ancient temples and forts, the adventurous cycling trip will also give you a cultural insight into the coastal village life of South India and witness its natural beauty. This is also the best opportunity to taste the authentic cuisines of the region, the South Indian Thali, the Thalassery seafood, the Kozhikode Biriyani & Halwa. Get ready to bask in the sunny and sandy Beaches with the curiosity pill of culture and history of the least explored South Indian West Coast.

Tour Highlights


Beaches of South West India

The South West coast of India boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in India, including Goa, Gokarna Beach, of Konakan Coast and Nileshwar and Thalaserry of Malabar Coast. Visitors can relax on the sandy shores, or take a stroll to witness the spectacular sunsets.
Cycling to Kundapura Karnataka

Ancient Temples of Gokarna & Udupi

Gokarna is known for its ancient temples, including the Mahabaleshwar Temple and Maha Ganapati Temple, which are revered by devotees for their spiritual significance. Udupi is famous for its Sri Krishna Temple, which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

Interaction with Fishermen

Visitors can interact with local fishermen and witness their daily activities such as fishing, boat making, and net mending. The experience provides a unique insight into the livelihoods and culture of coastal communities.
Cycling to Kanjangad Kerala

Forts of Northern Kerala

Northern Kerala is home to several historic forts such as the Bekal Fort, and Thalassery Fort. These forts, built by the rulers of the region, provide a glimpse into the rich history and architecture of the area.
Theyyam Ritual North Kerala

Theyyam Performance

Theyyam is a popular ritual art form of North Kerala, where performers don elaborate costumes and colorful face paint to enact stories from mythology. Visitors can witness this mesmerizing performance during the festival season and get a taste of the local culture.

South Indian Food

South Indian cuisine is known for its diversity and deliciousness, with a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients and aromatic spices.
Tuk Tuk Sightseeing Tour Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi on Auto-Rickshaw

Visitors can explore the charming city of Fort Kochi on an tuk-tuk tour, which takes them to historic landmarks such as the Chinese fishing nets, St. Francis Church, the Dutch Palace and the Jewish Synagogue. The tour provides a unique and exciting way to experience the rich history and culture of the city.


Day 1: Arrive at Goa

Activity: Arrival and Transfer to Hotel, Explore Anjuna Beach
Meals: Breakfast
Goa Beach

Day 2: Cycling to Gokarna

Activity: Cycling via Woody Roads and Coastal Villages, Dinner at Ohm Beach
Activity Distance : 50 Kms
Terrain : Hilly, Undulating & Flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Crossing the Goa state border, we will drive to Karwar in Karnataka through the villages and forest patches. We will start cycling towards our first destination – Gokarna. Further, we ride on the backcountry roads, with the view of fishing harbors, Coconut, Cashew, and Mango Tree groves along the western coast. Being a prime pilgrim center in South India, Gokarna is famous for the 4th century CE Sri Mahabaleshwara Swami Temple. In the evening, you will be visiting tranquil Ohm Beach for a sunset walk followed by a dinner at the beachside restaurant.

Day 3: Cycling to Shiroor

Activity: Cycling through Coastal Villages, Ferry Crossing, Murudeshwar Temple visit, Transfer to Hotel
Activity Distance : 65 Kms
Terrain : Undulating & Flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Today, we will start our bike ride further south, along the coastal road with the view of the Arabian Sea in the west. We will pass through the fishermen villages of Honnavar and Manki with their off-grid beaches, fish markets, and small temples. En route, we will visit the majestic Murudheshwar Temple standing 20 stories tall in the coastal village of Bhatkal. A mechanical lift will take you to the roof of the temple. From here, you can see the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva sitting gracefully with blessing mudra with the vast sea in the backdrop.
Three people riding bicycles down a path in the woods. Kasaragod Kerala

Day 4: Cycling to Malpe

Activity: Cycling through Coconut Grooves and Villages
Activity Distance : 80 Kms
Terrain : Flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Today, we ride further to the south along the west coast on the rustic roads through the endless coconut palm groves. We will be riding along the scenic Maravante Village close to the Arabian Sea. After cycling, you can either visit the Sri Krishna temple or relax at scenic Malpe Beach.

Day 5: Cycling to Kanjangad

Activity: Cycling to Mangalore along fishing harbours, Transfer to Hotel, Enroute visit Bekal Fort
Activity Distance : 60 Kms
Terrain : Flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Today, we exit the state of Karnataka, the sentinel of the Konkan coast. We will witness many fishing harbours with numerous fishing boats moored. Further, we ride on the narrow strip of land through coconut groves with the view of the Arabian Sea on one side and the river on the other. After cycling, we will drive to the hotel. Enroute, we will visit the historic Bekal fort built by ancient rulers of the Kadampa dynasty.
Malpe to Kanjakad via mangalapuram
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Day 6: Free Day at Kanjangad

Activity: Leisure a the Beach Resort, Optional visit to the local Temple to witness Theyyam Ritual
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Free Day at Kanjangad can be spent relaxing in the sea-facing cottage at the resort, with the serene beach close by. If your tour is during the right time of the year, we will be visiting the traditional family temples nearby to witness the age-old temple ritual performance – Theyyam.

Day 7: Cycling to Thalassery

Activity: Cycling through coastal villages along the river, Try-out special Malabar Cuisine
Activity Distance : 70 Kms
Terrain : Undulating and flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Today, we will ride along the scenic shores of Northern Kerala on mostly flat terrain with the view of villages, small temples, and coconut groves. The ride will pass through main towns of Nileshwar, Payyanur and Pazhayangadi crossing numerous bridges across the west-flowing rivers to reach Kannur. Thalassery is also popular for its exotic seafood cuisines.
Malabar Coast Cycling 1

Day 8: Cycling to Kozhikode

Activity: Cycling through rustic villages
Activity Distance : 60 Kms
Terrain : Undulating & Flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Today, we ride through the coastal villages to Kozhikode, erstwhile Calicut. It was a major seaport during ancient times under the rule of sea warriors – The Zamorins. Food enthusiasts should never miss the local dishes of Kozhikode. Biriyani and Halwa are the must-try dishes here. We will visit Mittayi (Sweet) Street to try out different varieties of Halwa.

Day 9: Cycling to Guruvayur

Activity: Transfer out of City, Cycling through Coastal Villages, Visit Elephant fort
Activity Distance : 60 Kms
Terrain : Flat
Meals: Breakfast, Enroute Lunch, Dinner
Today, we ride further southwards to the cultural district of Kerala – Thrissur. We will cross the Chaliyar and Bhratapuzha rivers, traversing on the flat coastal village roads. Afternoon, it’s time to visit the Anakottai – Elephant fort (Punnathurkotta). The place was the palace of the local ruler, and is now dedicated to nurturing the temple elephants. This unique facility of 11 acres of land has approx 50 – 60 elephants dedicated to the famous Guruvayur Mahavishnu Temple.
Cherai Fortkochi

Day 10: Cycling to Fort Kochi

Activity: Cycling along Wetlands, Fish farms & Beach
Activity Distance : 30 Kms
Terrain : Flat
Meals: Breakfast
You ride through the vast wetlands, fish farms, and the scenic beach. You will witness various water birds like Storks, Egrets and Ibis along the route. We will cross the Cochin Harbour channel on a ferry from Vypin to reach the colonial Fort Kochi. The history tour of Fort Kochi is the next experience awaiting you. Once a major port and trade centre, it evolved as a settlement hotspot for numerous merchants from across the world. The gradual intermingling of their cultures for centuries has made Fort Kochi a unique heritage city to visit. We will be exploring the narrow bylanes in Tuk Tuk. The visit to Dhobi Ghat, Chinese fishing nets, the Jew Street Market etc and Kathakali Show in the evening will enthral you like never before.

Day 11: Tour Ends

It’s the time to say Adieu, with fond memories of the South India West Coast Ride. We will be happy to drop you at the Cochin International Airport if this is as per your schedule.
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Route Map

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