Why to choose India for your next Cycling Tour

India- the land of diversity

India- the land of cultural, lingustic, religious and ethnic diversity. A tropical heaven, a country of elaborate festivities, an abode of all kinds of geographical terrains, India is a land of wonder. From cultural heritage and ancient monuments to wildlife and nature, from cuisine and handicrafts to architecture, from festivals and celebrations to spirituality and meditation, India beckons you with an enticing platter full of experiences.

If you take a month-long cycling tour across the length and breadth of India, on every passing day of the tour you experience a culture different from the previous day’s. You will listen to a language (and its dialects) which even other Indians might not have heard. You shall meet countrymen of a variety of faiths and ethnic identities. It is up to you to choose among a cosy jacuzzi, a kayak, a camel ride, or a wildlife trail. Needless to say, the diversity of this country will never fail to leave a mark on you.